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Louise Karyn of PYRMONT, NSW

From first contact to completion, I could not speak highly enough about this team of builders team.
This was our first renovation project and what a wonderful experience it was. Extremely helpful, accommodating, and no issue was too big or too small including working with our team at Glass Pool Fencing Brisbane. We will definitely use Builders Sydney Experts again, and recommend them without hesitation!

Lavone Jillian of MANLY, NSW

Very friendly, helpful and listened to our needs and worked with us to get an awesome result. The bathroom, toilet, laundry renovation has added a beautiful serenity to our house. AAAA+.

Delbert Jordan of TAREN POINT, NSW

The end result is absolutely fantastic and has made a huge difference to our new home – more modern and more usable.The team so easy to deal with and were always very approachable with ideas and help.

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Your existing home needs a special kind of expertise if you want to renovate and transform it. Bringing your vision to life can be made easier by collaborating with industry experts. We have worked with thousands of families to help them build the homes of their dreams. To date, our business has completed home renovation projects totalling more than $150 million.

Builders Sydney
Builders Sydney

Hometek Renovations & Extensions

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Builders Sydney Experts is a Sydney, NSW-based residential and commercial construction company that’s been supplying service since 1990. We focus on ground-up structure and renovations, add-ons, and remodeling. We’ve established partnerships with landowners, architects, engineers, and trades people. After 27 years, we’ve got the expertise to control all phases of building.

Many years of combined building experience, our team is made up of industry veterans and fresh new talent alike, resulting in the best possible outcome for you.
Projects are completed efficiently with absolutely no shortcuts, and always within the timeframe set out in your quote.
Skilled team of builders, carpenters, estimators and specialists, every aspect of your project is handled with the utmost professionalism and care.

Hint: Listen for how potential builders answer your queries. Difficulty communicating now means communicating on the job later.Questions For Your Home Builder

To make certain you’re getting the best work from a builder, here are questions to ask the candidates.
Can You Itemize Your Quote?
Many builders prefer to provide you with one, bottom-line price for your job, but this sets you in the dark about what they are charging for each element of the job.

As an instance, if the initial plan calls for renovation in your toilet, but you opt not to put in it, just how much should you get credited for eliminating this work?

Having one bottom-line price, you don’t have any way to know.

If you get an itemized quote, it’ll show the prices for all of the various elements of the project, for example:

Demolition and hauling trash
Framing and finish carpentry
Electrical work
Tiling or other floor covering installations
Lighting fixtures
Drywall and painting

This makes it easier to compare various builders’ prices. If you will need to cut the project expenses, it is simple to figure your options. In addition, an itemized bid gets invaluable documentation concerning the scope of your job, which might eliminate disputes later.

Builders should not give you trouble about itemizing their quotes. If they resist, it is a red flag for certain.
Some builders handle their bids as quotes, meaning invoices could end up being greater in the long run. Make sure you request a fixed price bid instead.

If a builders “says he can not provide a fixed cost because there are too many unknowns about the occupation”, then attempt to eliminate the unknowns. As an instance, have him open up a wall or examine a crawl space.

If you can not solve the unknowns, have the job specs describe just what he expects to do. If additional work is necessary, you can do a change order a written mini-bid for new job.
You have to ensure that your builder issues you a certificate of insurance before you pay anything. This insures you for financial loss if the builder expires, become insolvent or do a runner.
A builder who has been plying his trade locally for five or 10 years has an established network of subcontractors and suppliers in Sydney and a local reputation to uphold. This makes them a safer bet than a builder who is new to the business or intending to commute to your job from 50 miles away.

Ask for:

A business card with a nearby address – not a P.O. Box.
References from a couple of his oldest clients. This’ll help you confirm he has not just recently hung his shingle.

Are there any present or previous building disputes underway with the appropriate building commission in your state?

This will allow you to know more about the builder’s overall reliability and professionalism in addition to the general quality of the work.
Builders networked with their providers. You can tap into information in your builders’ reliability and level of quality by speaking to proprietors of:

Tile shops
Kitchen and bath showrooms
Timber yards
The pro desk in your favorite home improvement center
Ask about a contractor’s professional standing, whether he’s left a trail of unhappy customers in his wake if he is reliable about paying his bills and if he’s someone you will want to hire.

Your builder should have no qualms about telling you where he gets his stuff if he is an upstanding customer.
I’d Like to Meet the Foreman – Would You Take Me to a Job He’s Running
Many Sydney builders do not actually swing hammers. They spend their days bidding on new jobs and handling their various jobs and employees. This makes the job foreman the person who’s working on your job every day the most important part of your group.

Meet the foreman in person and see whether his present job is running smoothly. Asking to fulfill up with the foreman on the job gives your general contractor an incentive to assign one of his better teams because you’re more likely to hire him if you visit his team.

If your builder says he will be running the job himself, then ask whether he will be there daily. He will want to give you a positive response something you can hold him later on.
How long will the construction maintenance period last?
A builder agrees to perform building maintenance for a time period after the property is handed over to you. Most experts recommend a six-month maintenance period for residential units and 12 to 18 months for industrial properties.
Can I have the names of 3 people you’ve built homes for?
Always conduct reference checks. Just like when companies do reference checks on prospective new workers, the building of potentially your biggest investment shouldn’t be left to what the ‘candidate’ is saying. Asking simple open ended questions can help set your mind at ease. Matters like: When the boss made contact with you, what type of things did they keep you updated?
Have you included all of the costs connected with the concrete slab on your cost, and if not why not?
The concrete slab is essential to the durability and strength of your dwelling. Always make sure that what the salesperson tells you is true and correct. Your total price should include the slab — not a TBA — because this may add thousands to the contract cost.


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At Builders Sydney Experts, we began in Sydney NSW and, from the late 1990s, had rapidly grown to become one of Australia’s leading home builders. We remain one of biggest and most prominent in the country to this day.


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