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Whether you’re growing your family or inviting relatives to live with you, a bedroom extension Sydney will give everyone their own personal space. That’s why we’ll work with you to assess your options and consider design options so that everyone can unwind, sleep, and enjoy their home comforts.

Adding a bedroom extension to your home in Sydney

When it comes to first-time home buyers, one of the most common issues is that while the family grows, the house does not. Because of the cost, planning ahead and purchasing a larger home with more bedrooms is usually not an option. A more viable option is to purchase a home with the intention of adding a bedroom extension later, when your home equity and earnings allow it. Adding a bedroom extension to your home also increases its value, making it a potentially profitable investment.


It’s not as simple as tacking on an extra room to add a bedroom extension. If you want a bedroom that you enjoy having and that increases the value of your home, it should blend in with the rest of your home’s design while also modernising it. In an ideal situation, you will have enough room to add a bedroom that is conveniently located. However, ideal circumstances are uncommon. This is where some creative thinking comes in handy.

Have you considered adding a bedroom extension to your home?

If your children are growing up too quickly or you’re thinking about bringing a relative into your home, a bedroom extension is the best way to ensure that everyone has their own space. A single storey extension is the most common, but if you have more space and money, a two storey extension would be the most spacious, as you might be able to add an extra bathroom or en-suite. You may have considered where the bedroom should go but are unsure how the bedroom extension will work or what will be required. This is completely normal, so please contact us to set up a consultation visit at your home, where we will be happy to see if our services can help.

We’ll pay you a visit to discuss your Sydney bedroom addition.

Our consultation visit is a casual conversation in which we will discuss your thoughts and ideas about the bedroom extension and how it will fit into the existing home. We’ll listen carefully and take notes so that we can fully comprehend your needs. We’ll also go over the procedures for obtaining the necessary permissions and answer any questions you may have. Following each consultation, you will receive a fee letter outlining our services, including the design stages, timeframes, and fees, so you know exactly what is required to complete a bedroom extension.

Considering your bedroom expansion alternatives

Consider your other options before deciding that adding a new bedroom to your home is your only option. Begin by looking for spaces that could be converted into bedrooms. If you live in an older home, for example, the living room and kitchen may be separated. Is it possible to turn the living room into a master bedroom? This could be an excellent time to have that living room built that you’ve always wanted. Have your kids outgrown their rooms? Perhaps tearing down the wall between the children’s rooms and converting it to a master bedroom would be a good idea. One of the children could take over your existing master bedroom, while the other could have a bedroom extension built.

If converting a room doesn’t seem to work and you’re short on space, look for ways to make the most of what you have. Do you have an extra room in your house that you use as a home office? You may not need to spend money on a bedroom extension if you can find or create space for a pocket office elsewhere in your home.

Have you considered making a bedroom out of your garage? Thousands of dollars in construction costs can be saved by doing so. This will require council approval, as well as the addition of insulation, interior walls, and flooring, but the basic structure is already in place. Plumbing and fit-outs for an ensuite bathroom, if needed, will be a significant expense, but even if you factor in the cost of a carport, it will almost certainly be less expensive than adding on a bedroom of comparable size.

If you have no other choice but to build a bedroom extension

If you decide that a bedroom extension is the best option after considering your other options, hire a building designer or architect to assist you with your plans. Yes, they will cost money, but their knowledge will help you save money on construction costs, and their suggestions will ensure that your new bedroom is everything you want it to be, if not more.

Whatever you decide, our Get a Quote service can assist you in locating the assistance you require for your bedroom extension. The service is completely free, and you are under no obligation to use the professionals who respond with quotes. Make use of the hipages.com.au website. Get a quote for everything you need, from designers to building contractors, or materials for your DIY home improvement project with our Get a Quote service. Why not give it a shot right now? It could be the first step towards building a bedroom extension you’ll love at a reasonable cost.

Transform a master bedroom

If you leave it alone for a long time, your bedroom will quickly fall behind more visible areas like the living room or an open-plan kitchen and dining room. Fortunately, updating your sleeping quarters is far less difficult than, say, renovating a bathroom or making an attic habitable. With these essential remodelling steps, you can improve your comfort and the value of your Melbourne home.

Prepare ahead of time.

You will save a lot of time, money, and stress if you have a solid plan for your bedroom remodel. To begin, you should write down why your current bedroom setup isn’t working for you anymore and why you’re remodelling. Do you want to improve its appearance, functionality, or both? This is where you should figure out your personal style, which will help you choose wall treatments, flooring, furniture, and lighting, among other things. Finally, if you anticipate any structural changes, make sure you budget appropriately.

Today is the day of deconstruction.

If you want to completely transform your bedroom, you’ll probably have to strip it down to the bare studs and flooring substrate. This phase, despite being dusty and messy, allows you to uncover any problems that may be hidden beneath the flooring or behind the plaster. If you have an older Melbourne home, you may want to consider replacing the wiring, especially if you want to add outlets or lighting.


Make a floorplan.

It’s time to change the floorplan once the room has been stripped down to the studs and subfloor. Examine the space from a functional standpoint to see if anything can be done to improve it. Your home’s square footage won’t change unless you expand to the outside, so anything you add must be deducted from adjacent rooms. A closet and, in most cases, an exterior window are required by most building codes for a bedroom. Check these codes to avoid a situation where your newly renovated bedroom is no longer classified as a bedroom.


Replace the old bed with this one.

You should start thinking about the new bed while you’re drawing your new bedroom layout. You and your partner will spend at least a third of your day in bed, so you don’t want to scrimp here. On the other hand, many homeowners get caught up in the aesthetics and overlook the functional and practical aspects. Consider one of the custom fabric beds; in addition to the timeless curved headboard that complements any decor, these beds offer additional storage, whether you choose a 4-drawer base or a gas-lift storage base. The ability to customise them is perhaps their most appealing feature, as you can choose from a variety of fabric colours.


Improve the lighting in your bedroom.

A variety of light sources should be used in the bedroom. Replace the old shade with a new eye-catching fixture for the ceiling light. Another hot trend to try is a chandelier with an oversized shade. Rewire the drywall behind the bed for sconces, which are useful for reading in bed and have switches that are easy to reach if you need to get up in the dark. Flexible track lighting, which allows you to slide and swivel individual fixtures in different positions, can look amazing in a contemporary bedroom.


Replace the carpeting.

The goal of bedroom flooring is to provide warmth, security, and cosiness. Consider a carpet, hypoallergenic cork, or a lovely area rug as soft floor options that are friendly to bare feet. Even engineered wood flooring, which is a hybrid of stabilised plywood and hardwood veneer, can feel warm to the feet when radiant heat coils are installed underneath.

Getting your bedroom extension project started

We need to gather measurements of the existing property in the form of a measured building survey before we can design the bedroom extension. A measured building survey takes a few hours and involves taking measurements of the existing house so that we can create drawings. We can create feasibility sketch illustrations of how the bedroom extension can be best developed once the drawings are completed.


Bedroom extension cost 2021

Do you want a large master bedroom or do you need an extra child’s room? You can add a lot of extra living space to your home with a bedroom extension. It can assist you in converting a small box room into a functional child’s bedroom or adding an ensuite bathroom to an existing bedroom.

We’ll look at the average cost of a bedroom extension in this guide. Unless you live in a bungalow or have bedrooms on the ground floor, you’ll almost certainly need to add a two-story addition to your home. This will undoubtedly be more expensive, but it will also provide more space downstairs.

The price of expanding your master bedroom is determined by a number of factors. There are construction costs to consider, as well as fees for planning applications and building regulations. If you hire an architect or structural engineer to work on your project, you may also have to pay professional fees.

Depending on where you live, having construction work done can also be more expensive (i.e. Sydney Metro).

Finally, the cost will be influenced by the size of the planned extension. A small single-story bedroom extension (3m x 5m) starts at around $46,000. For a large (6m x 8m) one-floor extension, this could cost as much as $167,000.

If your bedrooms are on the second floor, you may need to add a two-story extension to make more room. This is likely to be around 50% more expensive than constructing a single-story addition. This can push the total price up to between $94,000 and $450,500. This isn’t a set-in-stone rule though. There are also additional costs for things like structural support and changing the roof to factor in.

Deluxe en suite

Adding ensuite to bedroom cost

Bathrooms tend to cost more to build and fit than bedrooms. If you plan to add an ensuite, you could expect to pay between $12,000 and $26,000 on top of the basic extension build costs.

Fittings and finishings

With the shell of your extension complete, it’s time to finish it. If you plan to keep the finish simple with paint and relatively cheap flooring such as carpet, you won’t pay much at all.

But if you have grander plans for bespoke joinery and high-spec flooring, make sure you factor these extra costs into your budget.


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